Who we are

We help families, small businesses, and our neighbors stay safe online. We help you add extra protections to online accounts like Facebook, your bank, and email. And we also make sure you have your devices and networks setup for safety first.

If you’ve ever been hacked on Facebook you know it can be a frustrating and embarrassing experience. Suddenly your friends bombard you with messages telling you to change your password, and that you’ve been hacked — as if you didn’t already know. We’re here help you use the internet the way you want without worrying about when the next attack is coming.

How we can help

Keeping your self and your accounts safe online is like staying warm in the winter: You need layers. We’ll work with you to add additional layers of security for your online accounts. We’ll help you keep long, complex passwords that are hard to guess. We’ll also teach you how to use tools to ensure your passwords are only used by one account and identify weak passwords that need changing.

Online safety is a constant game of knowing what threats are out there and how to protect yourself against them. People who do all the right things still get hacked sometimes. If it happens to you, we can help get back on your feet and prevent the next hack.

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